What experience does a credit customer have with Fritz Marcy?

Since 2004, the company has been part of the most important financial providers in Switzerland. Its main task is to offer you a complete credit financing solution for independents and private individuals. The Fritz Marcy platform works with all credit banks as well as with major financial institutions. People who have a good credit rating will be able to choose an advantageous and adapted credit.


Who is hiding behind Fritz Marcy?

credit loan

In 2004, the company created in Aarau, currently consists of two founding members Daniel Herrero in collaboration with Royalehand Credit since 1978. Since then, the company has developed into one of the most important credit portals in the country. On the platform, people interested in a loan can compare current conditions and different monthly fees. With these different evaluations, the different testimonies of the clients as well as the tests, always placed Fritz Marcy in the first ranks.


What advantages are proposed for this society?

It is true that some consumers have had less good credit experiences. People interested in a credit are independently advised by experienced specialists, which is an essential advantage of this portal. Thus, a bank will finance a project from a customer who places an order can be chosen. The refusal of a credit is often the result of a very low scoring value, even if no negative characteristics appear and the customer is able to pay the credit without problem. This is due to the fact that the banks’ decision-making process is automatic and lacks transparency. This is different at Fritz Marcy: people interested in finding an ideal financial means are supported by experienced credit specialists.


Fritz Marcy customers have the following advantages:

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  • The order is 100% free and without commitments
  • A simple and quick process in handling your order and a quick response
  • An independent comparison between financial providers
  • Interesting interest rates thanks to our exclusive banking conventions
  • A high acceptance rate thanks to optimized credit controlling


What are the positive experiences with Fritz Marcy?

In all comments, credit customers emphasize in particular the transparency of the process in relation to the examination of the level of solvency. The other thing, the competence of customer service is much appreciated, as the answer to numerous questions can be made in a first personal telephone meeting.


Is debt restructuring possible?

debt restructuring possible?

Of course, consumers can replace their current credit on the portal of Fritz Marcy. This procedure is advisable if a new private credit brings advantageous contractual elements, such as a longer term or a lower interest rate. Those who decide to restructure their debts must inform their financial advisor, Fritz Marcy, of all existing bank information and credits. This will be done through a final balance sent to the customer by the previous bank. The amount representing the balance will be directly transferred to the previous institute. A return to the customer’s account is not possible.


What are the possible contractual terms?

On this point, there are major differences between the various financial providers. Some limit the term of the credit to 60 months, while others 84 months. A small number sometimes accept contracts of 120 months. The intention is to provide a long term in order to more easily repay a private credit, depending on the salary available and avoid late payment. As interest is more important for longer-term loans, Fritz Marcy recommends faster repayment.


What are the limits on the amount of a credit?

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The loan amounts are possible from 3,000 USD to 250,000 USD, although certain banks limit the maximum credit to 80,000 USD. As the financial portal has several years of experience in credit in Switzerland, consumers can, with their support, find advantageous credits exceeding the limits indicated above.


Summing up

Since 2004, Fritz Marcy has made credits totaling more than USD 40 million. The company, reputed to be serious, has rich experience of several years in the field of credit as well as in the creation of financing. An additional advantage is that this portal is a certified and authorized financial partner with a credit counselor license for Switzerland.

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